How to Fix a Body Shop that Does Not Properly Fix Your Vehicle

Unless you are a highly trained do-it-yourselfer with a ton of time and thousands of dollars of tools and equipment you cannot repair crash damage to your vehicle.  This is why thousands of people across the country take their vehicle to body shops and entrust the diagnosis and proper repairs to the body shops.  The hope is that the vehicle is returned to you in a reasonable time frame in restored condition and safe for future operation.  What happens when this does not occur?  Too often the consumer is buffaloed into accepting less-than-acceptable work.  It is somewhat rare the consumer actually fights back and takes the matter all the way to the courthouse for a trial.

A couple in Gastonia had their vehicle “repaired” for four months and once they got it back it was still in bad shape.  They sought to rectify the situation with the body shop but their efforts failed.  So the couple was left no choice other than to have a jury of their peers decide the matter.  Click here to see the result which was quite good for them and not so good for the body shop.  And the body shop faces the prospect of having to pay even more money……….hmm….

You may have the tools and equipment needed to fix the situation despite resistance from the body shop or insurance company.  If you have problems with repairs performed to your vehicle contact an experienced attorney and obtain a consultation about your case.



  1. That’s right John an attorney and a good NC Dept of insurance Licensed Vehicle damage appraiser can help resolve you collision repair issues!

  2. Collision Safety consultants recommends and is always ready to help John O’Neil with his auto consumer clients!

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