FAQ: Do I Need An Attorney?

I have been practicing law since 1996 and am thankful to those who have supported me professionally and otherwise.  In the course of my practice I have handled hundreds of cases, large and small, and encountered countless questions from clients.  Some of these questions are recurring while others are not asked nearly as often.  Periodically on this Law and Life Blog I will answer some of these questions in the hope that the answers may help you.  Feel free to share these posts with your family, friends, and others to the extent you find the information helpful.

QUESTION:  Do I need an attorney to handle my case?                                        

ANSWER:  It depends.  Surely you saw this answer coming….didn’t you?  There are some cases that due to the amount of money involved or the issues involved it makes little sense for an attorney to become involved in the case.  “Little sense” is often defined as the fact that the attorney’s reasonable fee for his or her time may exceed the potential recovery or result for the prospective client.  This “little sense” dynamic often occurs in Small Claims or Magistrate Court cases.  For example in North Carolina if you are seeking to recover $700.00 in damages you would have to file your claim in Small Claims or Magistrate Court.  It would be quite reasonable for an attorney to charge $300.00 or more for the handling of this case if it involved a technical issue that requires you to have your own expert testify (ex: did the shop perform the repairs correctly to your vehicle? was the part installed by the shop sufficient to remedy the problem with your vehicle?  did the store charge you an excessive amount for the goods or services you received?).  If your case is not one where you can make a claim that the opposing party pay your attorney’s fees then your overall recovery in the case necessarily will be reduced by the amount you pay your attorney.

Click here for more on your decision whether you need an attorney.  And if you have questions about your legal matter contact me for a free initial consultation.




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