Upon Further Review..

Life moves fast and we have to react on the fly and “keep it moving” like my youngest brother often says. But every once in a while it is good to evaluate the people, systems, and things in your life. Presently I am evaluating several features of my life including my workout plan and dietary regimen. I am setting some year-end goals and since I have been down this road before I will state that the catharsis often comes in the journey and not in ultimately reaching the goal(s). Enough about me; how does all this relate to you?. not to mention law and life?

In life we face many challenges and most of us have faced some challenges of a legal nature. Whether it be an out-of-state speeding ticket, a messy divorce and child custody situation, a business contract gone awry, a serious personal injury incident, a lemon vehicle, or any number of other legal problems the first step is to identify the issue(s) at hand. After issue identification you can then analyze the situation and begin to contemplate desired outcomes. Often you need a legal professional to help you identify the possible outcomes as well as what you need to do to reach them. Some issues and outcomes can be handled without legal assistance and you can click here for some further information on making the “do-it-yourself” decision.

I encourage you to think about some of the features of your life and how you can make them better.  Do your research and think out loud or at least in print.  Begin to develop a plan of action and keep that motivation.  If any of these thorny issues involve legal matters, unless you have significant knowledge and experience and/or can afford to take the risk of missing something I invite you to consult a lawyer.  Getting an objective and professional perspective on your situation can be invaluable. It can mean the difference between success and failure.


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