The Parallels between NFL Football and Legal Matters

Today is the first big day of the 2013 NFL season.  The menu of games is quite appetizing.  The first game of the season was a Thursday night offensive display by future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Peyton Manning as he threw 7 (yes 7………….siete) touchdowns to lead his Denver Broncos to a Mile-High spanking of the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.  (NOTE:  I did not know John Elway threw those 7 touchdowns on Thursday night; I thought he was in the Bronco front office now….perhaps I missed something.)  As a Steeler fan I must admit the Ravens loss merited a smile and a chuckle… but I digress….so…how does the NFL relate to law and life? 

Ponder this……think about the practice, preparation, and promotion that goes into each team getting ready for the upcoming season.  Each team does all this work in the hopes that at the end of the season the team will raise the Lombardi Trophy and be the world champion.  There can only be one Super Bowl champion and the other 31 teams spend the offseason a bit disappointed yet motivated to go back through the practice, preparation, and promotion for another shot at the glory.  Now let’s analogize this to a client and her case. 

A client consults with a lawyer about a legal situation and if the attorney-client relationship is formed the parties embark on a journey to get the best possible result for the client.  This could be money or a court order or a settlement agreement or any myriad of results and combination thereof.  Over the course of the journey there may be hearings, depositions, mediation, discovery requests, and ultimately a trial.  For each of these case events and the paperwork, phone calls, and other things in between the attorney and client must work together and remain committed to the end goal.  Sometimes “best result” changes as facts and other information is revealed over the course of the case.  These changes would require the attorney and client to be flexible and ready to tweak the proverbial game plan for the benefit of the client.  In the legal world there may not be a true champion at the end of the case because like so many things in life the term “champion” can be relative.  And in the legal world the stakes are typically far more important; the NFL is a game but the legal world involves peoples’ lives.

Bottom line:  if you have a legal matter and you entrust it to an attorney it is vital you form a team and work together for a winning result.  An attorney is a legal professional and you should be guided by the attorney’s comments, suggestions, and advice.  For many case decisions the final call is yours to make and you want to make a well-informed, thoughtful decision.  Best of the best with your legal matter and, for those of you who are football fans enjoy the season.  The NFL is back…….Go Steelers!


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