Vehicle Problem Questions? Let’s Get Some Answers…..

I frequently receive calls and inquiries from persons who are experiencing problems with vehicles.  Engine shutdown, transmission skips, leaking fluids, wiring and electrical fiascos, braking and steering issues, and the list goes on………The time, money, and aggravation associated with a bad vehicle can drain even the best of us.  So how do you determine your rights and options?

  1. Click here for a flow chart for a schematic overview of your options in the event of problems with your vehicle. 
  2. Click here for a vehicle problem log that you can use to chart the chronology of your woes.
  3. Gather all your relevant documents:  purchase and finance documents, warranty and vehicle service contract documents, copies of all repair orders and invoices, etc.

If your potential case “flows” based on the flow chart AND you have completed your log AND you have gathered your documents contact me for a free consultation.  It’s that easy. 

So let’s get started……


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