If The Mechanic Is Doing The Work Why Do YOU Feel So Greasy?

First and foremost, I should say we should not let some bad apples spoil the whole bunch.  There are crooks and con artists all around us and the existence of a few should not indict the whole.   This is true in virtually every occupation, trade, profession, or business.  This being said let’s move to our story……….

AAMCO offered a “check engine light on? get a free inspection” promotion and a Washington, DC television station’s consumer watchdog found several consumers at different DC-area shops who experienced sticker shock when taking advantage of the promotion.  These consumers were told a variety of things and quoted prices up to $300.00 to fix their vehicle problems.   AAMCO said there was a “code error” that prevented the mechanics at the different shops from locating the true problem with the vehicles they were inspecting—one cut wire that should be easily diagnosed and can be repaired at a small cost.  Honest inspections wanted...

After viewing the story AAMCO pulled the promotion and issued a statement saying, among other things, it would retrain the mechanics to prevent future problems.  Click here to view the story that aired on the AAMCO discrepancies.  Hmm….something seems a bit oily and greasy to me.  What do you think?  I can only hope this issue has been remedied and no future issues arise.

North Carolina is one of the few states that has a Motor Vehicle Repair Act designed to set some clear rules and protect consumers.  This serves the interests of the business and the consumer.  Click here for a post summarizing some of your rights.  If you believe you have been taken advantage of by a repair shop or service facility you should consult an attorney for a consultation.


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