The Blue Light Blues

Summer is winding down and people are trying to get in some rest and recreation before school resumes and the weather changes.  Many people take the open roads and highways to reach their destinations.  You plan, you pack, you drive, you are having a good time and all of a sudden……….that sinking feeling comes… hear the siren and see the blue lights behind you.  Geez…..what a bummer. 

NC traffic ticketIf you receive a traffic ticket you should think carefully before deciding how to handle the situation.  Paying the ticket means a guilty plea and do you know what that may do to your driver’s license record (a/k/a “points”) and insurance rates?  Could you lose your license altogether?  How does that PJC thing work?  Is driving school an option to resolve your ticket in a favorable manner?  Is there a way you can get this ticket handled without appearing in court?  What is the best way to handle this ticket?  Questions, questions…..

Instead of guessing at the answers to these questions you should contact an experienced traffic law attorney.  All year round I handle traffic tickets in Guilford, Forsyth, Randolph, Rockingham, and Chatham Counties.  If you or a family member or a friend receive a ticket in one of these counties call me.  The consultation is free and our conversation and my representation may save you time, money, and aggravation. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Travel safe.


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