Los Lobos: Wolves Seeking Immigrants and How They Can Affect Non-Immigrants Too

Immigration issues have been in the news with more frequency lately.  While most of the attention is on immigration reform and creating a comprehensive plan for handling newcomers to our country, unfortunately some of the news about immigration is not as good.  Across the country there are people and businesses who prey on persons seeking help with immigration issues.  Some of you may have run across some of these rogues in your practices or in your daily lives.  And if you are not an immigrant it may be easy for you to say “well, that really doesn’t concern me.”  Not so fast……

These rogues take advantage of immigrants by stealing their money and even doing some hocus-pocus  You've been briefed!with their identities.  There have been occasions where these rogues will steal an American’s Social Security number or tax-ID number or identity and “assign” it to an immigrant and then inform the immigrant that his or her problem has been solved.  Imagine when you get a letter or notification that you may not be you….yikes!  The combination of bad things that are possible with these rogues in the marketplace is enormous.  So we all have a duty to be vigilent and contact the authorities if we believe there is some criminal activity or fraud afoot.

If you know of a rogue who has cheated an immigrant or you have been the victim of the work of one of these rogues, contact an experienced consumer fraud attorney to review your options.  And thanks again for a few moments of your time.



  1. Rene D. Crawford

    Thanks, Attorney O’Neal this information was informative. I never really thought of connecting immigration violations with a consumer fraud attorney. Your article was very well written.

    • Thanks so much, Ms. Crawford. Just trying to share some information and news with my followers. Really appreciate your support. Best wishes to you and your family.

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