Pop Quiz! Are You Ready?

Remember when you were in school and a teacher or professor gave the dreaded pop quiz?  Feelings of anxiety, concern, and sheer terror for some…….none of that here, however.   Just a friendly, no pressure quick pop quiz on a few aspects of the law and your rights. 

Take a few moments from what you are doing to test yourself and learn something in the process.  Answer each question either “true” or “false.”   Click here for the answers to the quiz.  Good luck and have fun!

1. North Carolina law allows you to cancel your purchase of a vehicle within 3 days of the purchase date.

2. Paying any amount of money on an unpaid account prevents a creditor from pursuing collections or legal action against you.  Pop quiz!

3. It is cheaper to just pay a traffic ticket than to hire an attorney to handle the ticket.

4. The losing party is automatically required to pay the attorneys’ fees of the prevailing party.

5. All building contractors in North Carolina must have a license.

6. Wrongful termination automatically entitles a worker to receive unemployment benefits.



  1. Joseph Johnson

    I did really poorly on this quiz.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Sorry about the poor score, Joe. Hopefully you will do better on the next one. Be sure to study up and review the Blog and my website for the information you need to protect you and your family. Take care.

  2. Jeff A.

    I jammed on it! Better than any pop-quiz I had in school. Then again, I have been studying for quite a while now and I must have had the spirit of Halkidus to guide me.


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