Tools to Protect Yourself From Thieves with Tools

Summertime is when many Americans decide to get those home improvement projects done.  Doing it yourself is popular but for many there is a need to hire a contractor to get the job done.  And then comes the real work:  finding the right contractor for your job.  Price, contractorquality work, adherence to promises, experience, and licensure (if appropriate) are but a few of the things you should consider.

North Carolina authorities recently busted some crooked home repair “artists” who were unlicensed contractors in the Wake County area.   One of the worst things about these crooks is they scammed senior citizens.  Earlier this year neighbors in Cary were victimized by a scam artist who was arrested but not until after he obtained several thousands of dollars for work that varied between unneccessary, unsafe, and unfinished.  Yikes! 

If you are in need of a contractor for a home improvement project or repairs click here and here for some tips on how to avoid getting scammed.  If you are the victim of unscrupulous contractor you should contact your local law enforcement agency and contact an experienced attorney for a consultation.


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