Do You Know Your Alphabets?

One of the fundamentals of a child’s development is the learning of the ABC’s. Whether by song or tv or games or other methods, most people managed to learn the letters of the alphabet–even if was not an English alphabet–and graduate to bigger and better pursuits.

In the legal world combinations of letters can mean an awful lot. They can mean really good things for some and dreadful things for others. The letter combos I am speaking of here are acronyms for certain statutes and laws. As consumers many letter combos provide us rights that we didn’t realize we had. For car purchasers there are the MMWA (Magnuson Moss Warranty Act), FTC (Fair Trade Commission) Used Car Rule, NC RISA (NC Retail Installment Act), and TILA (Truth in Lending Act).  alphabet soup

In the world of debt and debt collection there are the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), and FACTA (Fair Accurate Credit Transactions Act)…to name a few.  In North Carolina we have several letter combinations of use to consumers such as the NCDCA (North Carolina Debt Collection Act), NCIDTPA (North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act), NC RISA (North Carolina Retail Installment Sales Act), and NCFCA (North Carolina Consumer Finance Act).  All 50 states have a UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and most have UDAP (Unfair Deceptive Acts and Practices) statutes.

Knowing the names of these statutes is just the beginning.  While these laws can provide protection and remedies often it takes specialized knowledge to determine how they fit together and where you stand.  The laws can be quite detailed and often flurried with caveats, exceptions, definitions, and cross references. Many lawyers steer clear of handling cases involving these letter combo laws due to their apparent complexity. This is all the more reason why it is almost never a good idea for a non-lawyer to try and figure this stuff out on his or her own.

Confused? Don’t be. Click here for information on some of your rights as a consumer.  Click here for some materials you may find helpful in the event you decide to trudge ahead on your own.

But why gamble with your situation if you stand too lose more time, energy, and money than you can really afford?  When you were in your formative years you did not learn the alphabet on your own–trust me on this one.  So do not attempt to learn the legal alphabet on your own.  If you are in need of assistance seek the help of an experienced attorney who can help you with those alphabets.


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