Does Your Used Vehicle Case Flow? Check the Chart(s)

I am constantly fielding calls and e-mails from potential clients with used vehicle problems.  For general reference I am adding a used vehicle issues flow chart to the O’Neal Law Office Vehicle Buyer’s Toolbox.  If you are having issues with your used vehicle please do the following:

1.   Review the Used Vehicle Problem flow chart  (NOTE:  Click here to determine if you have a warranty or a vehicle service contract)

2.  Complete the Vehicle Problem Log

Without the relevant details the attorney is unable to provide the potential client accurate information.  After completing 1 andused vehicle problems? 2 you and I will be in a much better position to discuss your potential case.  Note further that a review of your vehicle purchase,  warranty/contract, and finance/payment documents will likely be needed before any real opinion can be offered as to the viability of a potential case. 

Share this e-mail with your family, friends, and associates—anyone you think may stand to gain from this information.  The goal is to educate consumers of their rights and how to identify potential legal problems and issues.

Thanks again for a few minutes of your time.  I hope you deem it well spent.


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