Fourth of July: A Moment to Reflect, A Day to Celebrate

Today we celebrate another year of our country’s independence.  The freedoms we enjoy are not free and since the founding of our country over 200 years ago many of our fellow Americans sacrificed their lives, health, and safety so that we may partake in these freedoms.  If you need a reminder of these freedoms read over the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution

Today there will be parades, celebrations of our veterans, hot dog eating contests, fireworks,  baseball (my Washington Nationals will be  Fireworks for the Fourththrowing out the first pitch at the time you receive this post), and countless other traditions.  All I ask is that you take a moment at some point during the day and thank a veteran for his or her service.  Then you can get back to celebrating. 

I wish you and your family a happy and safe Fourth of July.  And a special holiday greeting to our military and their families.  Click here for information on legal protections for you.  Thank you for your sacrifice.




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