And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program..

I am back to blogging after a brief hiatus.  A three-day jury trial and the preparation for the trial plus some post-trial activity will lead to a shifting of one’s priorities.  In my next post I will discuss some of the lessons learned from my recent trial the result of which reaffirmed my faith in the jury system and the opportunity for litigants to have their proverbial day in court. 

The vast majority of cases filed in the United States courts never even make it to jury selection let alone a trial verdict.  But for the statistical few that do get to trial the stakes are often quite high for all parties.  Hours of work has been done and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars have been spent.  At the end of the day (or days, depending on the length of the trial) all the parties can ask for is a fair, impartial jury and the opportunity to put on the evidence and witnesses each believes is relevant to the case.  The jury’s verdict or trial outcome typically results in relief for one party and consternation for the other party.  Such is the risk of going to trial.  So be sure to think about this before you make YOUR decision whether to file suit and ultimately go to trial

Thanks again for following me and I welcome you back.  Invite a friend to our ongoing conversation and share this Blog with your family, friends, and colleagues.  One of you may just learn something that saves you time, money, and aggravation.


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  1. Can’t wait to read about your jury trial. Hurry up and blog!

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