A Used Vehicle Shopper’s Toolbox

A vehicle is the most valuable asset some people may ever own and even if this is not true it is safe to say that most folks will spend several thousands of dollars on vehicles over the course of a lifetime.  You should be sure to get your money’s worth once you make the decision to “sign and drive.” 

When your vehicle fails you it can be a real pain.  I frequently receive calls from people who have problems with vehicles they have Toolbox--use it!purchased or leased.  Too often when I am talking with a potential client and I ask if he had the vehicle inspected or obtained some documentation on the vehicle’s history the answer is “no.”  Purchasing a used vehicle without having a pre-purchase inspection done by a reputable mechanic can be a huge mistake.  This is especially true if the seller of the vehicle is not offering any warranty.  What protection will you have if something goes wrong?  If a seller will not allow you to have a pre-purchase inspection done that could be a sign you need to look elsewhere. 

Trust me…..if something goes wrong with your vehicle, we will take care of you” is a line that is often spoken but too often is not put in writing.  Do not rely on verbal promises when you are spending your hard-earned money and signing a stack of papers. 

To be a smarter consumer and head off possible headaches use the O’Neal Law Office Vehicle Toolbox.  Use your head when looking to purchase your next used vehicle.  Good luck….





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