Summer School for You: No Cost, High Reward

Summer appears to have arrived……or be close at hand.  Though it may be another few weeks before the calendar tells us summer is officially here, schools are closing, students are graduating, Memorial Day has come and gone, and the temperatures are heating up.  Summer typically means people take vacations from work and/or engage in numerous forms of leisure activities.  The season also features trade shows, conventions, and conferences which allow people a chance to network, reconnect, and get in some refresher education.  A life well-lived includes the ongoing thirst for knowledge and desire to learn. 

While “summer reading” often means fiction or more light-hearted content I challenge you to set a goal of reading something substantial and educational this summer.  In this vein I offer you an opportunity for some refresher or introductory coursework in important legal information.  These short summer courses will not cost you any money and require no registration.  No need to stand in line at a bookstore or even make an online purchase of any textbooks.  Read and review at your own pace and feel free to share with others.

Personal Injury 101

Car Law:  From A to Z  summer school textbook

Repo Review

Steps for Smart Vehicle Purchasing

Hiring Contractors 

Defending Against Dirty Debt Collectors

Tackling that Traffic Ticket

How and Where to Obtain Legal Information and Assistance

Class is now in session.  Enjoy the learning experience and good luck on your final exams…


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