OK, Mr. Attorney….Answer This Question…..

It could be you asking the question.  Do you have something you want to know or need to know related to a legal situation?  Are you wondering if you need an attorney

This is a golden opportunity for you to send me your question(s).  The areas of law that I handle and with which I have familiarity and experience are as follows:

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death 

Debt Collection Defense

Car Law

Civil Cases

To ask your question type it in the “Leave a Reply” box that appears below.  I will review your questions and provide answers in subsequent Blog posts.  If I cannot provide an answer to your question I will try to steer you in the direction of a resource or person who may be able to help.  And note that, as often happens in a classroom setting, another person may ask a question that is pertinent to you. 

One last thing:  note that the information provided in response to your question(s) is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed by a question and answer.  To get more specific information and possibly enter into an attorney-client relationship contact me directly

Thanks for your ongoing support and let’s get started………


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