Happy Birthday! Blogging for You for One Year

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me when I launched this Blog  just over a year ago.  Click here to read the happy first birthday!first ever Law and Life Blog post dated May 2, 2012.  I started the Blog so that I could speak with you and others on a more frequent basis than was practical with my Law and Life Newsletter.  The blog format seems to work better for people who read their e-mails from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

As I celebrate the Blog’s one year anniversary I ask you to share the Blog with your family and friends.  And how can you share and save? 

Feel free to respond to posts with comments, questions, or even suggestions of things you would like to see.  The goal of this Blog is to share content and resources that can make you a better consumer and possibly save you many headaches down the road.

While I have your attention allow me to briefly refresh your memory as to the things I typically handle:

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Debt Collection Defense

Car Law

Civil Cases

Best of the best to you and God-willing I will be here next year this time giving you news and views you can use.


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