The Immeasurable Benefits of Giving Back

I take particular pride in my profession.  The experiences had and skills developed by lawyers are of use outside of the practice of law.  Organization, leadership, attention to detail, and many other qualities required of lawyers are so important in life in general.  This is why so many boards, associations, and other organizations desire having lawyers volunteer their time and talents.  But by no means are lawyers the only group of persons who possess skills and abilities that can greatly aid others in a non-profit setting.  Accountants, educators, contractors, athletes, musicians, cooks…….the list is endless.   

Giving back does not always mean contributing money or other financial resources.  So often the need revolves around time and volunteerother hands-on non-monetary contributions.  What are the benefits of giving back?  Here are a few..

  • You can learn about your own hidden skills and talents
  • You can develop new skills and talents
  • You can make connections that could prove useful beyond the project or assignment in which you are involved at that moment
  • You enrich the lives of others
  • You contribute to the positive development of your community
  • You can take pride in knowing you are a “doer” and not just a “sayer” of good things

Giving back to one’s community is rewarding, profitable (in a human capital kind of way), and necessary.  I believe EVERYONE has an obligation to find some way to share some of his or her gifts with others without the expectation of financial gain. 

Find a charity, organization, or even an individual with whom you can share your time and talents.  For my fellow UNCG Spartan alumni, click here and here for ways you can give back to your alma mater where the motto of “Service” is a constant work in progress.  For those of you in Greensboro you can contact organizations such as Volunteer Greensboro and the United Way.  Nationwide you can dial 211.

So take a few moments during this holiday weekend to consider how you may answer the call and give back.  To those of you who are already doing so many thanks and keep up the good work.  We need more people to step up and help out.  It makes us all better.  Try it….you just might like it. 


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