Are You Smarter Than An Experienced Attorney?

This is NOT a trick question and it may not be a fair question.  Unfortunately too many people put themselves in the position of having to answer this question firsthand as they deal with their legal matters.  And in the end far too many people have to answer this question “not quite” or a resounding “no!”. 

An attorney must zealously advocate for his or her client and if the opposing party does not have an attorney this can make for some uncomfortable wranglings.  The attorney must tow the line between being cooperative with the pro se opponent yet firmly See you in court!representing the interests of the client.  Meanwhile the opponent often has to learn and apply the rules of evidence and procedure to muster a case/defense against the attorney who has most likely been down the road many times before.  And a judge overseeing a hearing or trial must balance the desire to be fair to both parties with the obligation to hold both parties to the applicable rules and procedures. 

Sure you can take the time to go to the local library or online to try to learn all the ins and outs of contributory negligence, medical malpractice, contract law, and other facets of the legal system but is this really a good idea?  Some cases involve issues and amounts of money which can be adequately handled in Small Claims Court.  However if you have a legal matter that relates to more serious issues (ex:  personal injury claim, construction defects), complicated legal matters, or serious money it is worth consulting an attorney.  In many cases the consultation is free and could lead to you getting the help you need to adequately prepare and present your case.

The legal system works best when all parties have competent representation so their respective arguments and issues can be properly advanced and determined.  It is my hope that you think carefully about whether you need an attorney to help you when your next legal situation or question arises.  Act sooner rather than later as waiting can often cost you in the long run.  Share this Blog post with family, friends, and associates.  It may save someone a lot of time, money, and headaches….


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