How Can I Help You? And How You Can Help Others–Reply Requested

First of all I thank each of you who subscribe to my Blog.  It is a labor of love designed to share what I hope is valuable information and resources.  I try to cover multiple areas of the law and various topics that may be of interest to my readers. 

The goal is to expand the reach of this Blog and educate and inform more people. You can assist in that goal and I would great appreciate your assistance. If people are able to utilize the resources and information from my Blog and my website to better manage their affairs and sometimes even avoid legal issues then I have served my purpose.

I invite each of you to share my Blog posts with at least one member of your family and one friend or associate.  Let me list the ways you can share:

Additionally, please feel free to e-mail me suggestions for certain topics or information in which you are interested–type your suggestion(s) in the “Leave Your Reply” box that appears at the bottom of this Blog post.  As a guide here are the areas in which I currently focus my practice:

Personal Injury 

Wrongful Death

Debt Collection Defense 

Car Law

Civil Cases

I look forward to hearing from you and expanding the reach of this Blog.  I stand ready to assist you, your family, your friends and associates if the need should arise.  Many, many thanks again and best wishes to you.


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