The Immense Value of Teamwork

Teamwork 101For those of you still interested tonight is the pinnacle of NCAA Division I college basketball for the 2012-2013 season.  Thousands of brackets and hundreds of game minutes later there will be a showdown on Monday night in Atlanta, Georgia between two teams battling for the right to claim a championship.   

For those of you who could care less about college basketball or sports in general Monday night’s game is still relevant to you.  Winning the title is an example of how practice, dedication, and teamwork can result in a good thing that affects many people beyond the players on the winning team.  Allow me to explain myself….

When you have a legal issue arise in your life you typically benefit from consulting a lawyer.  A consultation can help you better frame the issue, realize facts and factors that you may not have seen as important, determine strategies and possible outcomes, and ultimately make an informed decision as to how to proceed.  The first step is to decide that you will seek assistance from a lawyer.  Sometimes handling things on your own can damage or substantially worsen your situation.  Click here for a few things to consider when deciding if you need to consult a lawyer.

Once you decide to consult a lawyer realize that in order for your consultation and any subsequent representation to be fruitful you must view your connection with the lawyer as a team effort.  

  • You have the facts, know the witnesses, have the documents and other information needed to create the picture the lawyer will then analyze for your benefit.  Full disclosure of the facts is required and be sure that your conversations with the lawyer are covered by the all important protection of attorney-client confidentiality.
  • The lawyer has the know-how, training, and experience to put you in a much better position for success.  Depending on the uniqueness of your situation the lawyer may need to do some legal research and/or consult colleagues to better map out your options and case consequences.

Sometimes “success” means damage control such as in the situation where the facts, law, and circumstances are stacked against you.  Needless to say you should seek a lawyer who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.  What may appear to be a “slam dunk” or “open and shut” to a non-lawyer could be far less clear once properly analyzed by an experienced lawyer.  Thorny issues such as contributory negligence, statutes of limitation, and waiver of rights are a few examples of how consultation with a lawyer can prevent a client from wasting time and money by pursuing a case that is doomed from the start. 

Do not delay in contacting a lawyer to discuss a potential legal issue.  Too often delayed attention to legal issues can do more harm than good.  If your case is one that has more upside than downside or otherwise leads to the creation of an attorney-client relationship be sure to value this relationship.  The lawyer’s role is to zealously advocate for his client within the bounds of the law.  This advocacy takes the forms of both a sword and a shield.  With the client’s help the lawyer can put forth the best possible efforts to seek a good result for the client.  And therein lies the beauty of the teamwork.  Once the case is concluded the members of the attorney-client team should be able to say they gave it their best possible effort regardless of the outcome.  Here’s hoping your consultation or case outcome works in your favor—within the bounds of the law.  Go Team!


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