Childcare Facilities in North Carolina: Follow the Stars

Those of you with children have an awesome gift and responsibility.  An old expression says it takes a village to raise a child and in our busy world the village will include a childcare facility.  So how do you determine which childcare facility you should trust to provide quality care for your child? 

The North Carolina Division of Child Development issues operating licenses to childcare facilities and conducts inspections and investigations as appropriate.  If a facility does not qualify for a “full” license, a provisional license can be granted along with specific reasons that a “full” license was denied.  All childcare facilities are required to post their current licenses on-site so that they are clearly visible to the public.  The Division of Child Development levies sanctions and penalties including reprimands, fines, and revocation of operating licenses for substandard childcare facilities. The Division also pursues legal action against facilities that fail to comply with state law. building blocks of childcare

To rate childcare facilities the Division has a star-rating system which provides some means to assess and compare facilities in two key areas:  staff education and program standards.  You can visit the Division’s website to conduct an online search for childcare facilities and related facilities (ex:  summer day camps) in your area.  Among the many things you can learn are the name of the owner(s) of the facility, the facility’s star rating, facility visits and violations noted by the Division, and if any disciplinary action has been taken against the facility.

To learn more about the regulations covering childcare facilities visit the Division’s website or call 919-662-4527 or 1-800-859-0829.  If your child is currently enrolled at a childcare facility you should conduct the online search just to double-check your child is in a good place.  If you believe a childcare facility has injured your child or otherwise seriously violated your child’s rights contact an attorney for a consultation. 

Hopefully this post will assist you in finding the right facility for you and your child.  Good luck in your search and in getting the right fit for your bundle of joy!


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