Who’s Your Lawyer?

You have seen and heard them…….I have too………the TV ads………the phone book ads………the billboards….the radio…..Internet pop-ups and ads…lawyers and law firms advertising their services.  “No fee unless you recover”, “we will stand up for you”, “we’re with you all the way”, and many other slogans are used to convince potential clients to hire a law firm.  There is nothing wrong with this phenomenon.  Advertising is the American way and there is nothing patently illegal or unethical about lawyers advertising their services.  As long as the claims are correct and the slogans are converted into action more power to the lawyers and firms that utilize them. 

In deciding which lawyer to hire you should consider attributes such as experience and commitment to client service.  Lawyers are people too and we all have different personalities, work styles, work ethics, priorities, etc.  You the client must make the decision as tobriefcase which lawyer is best for you and your situation.  A solid attorney-client relationship is the foundation for a good outcome.

No lawyer is perfect for every client.  The main thing is that the client is comfortable and confident with the lawyer chosen to handle the case.  For those of you with questions and issues related to personal injury, wrongful death, defamation (slander and libel)debt collection defense, harassing debt collectors, wrongful repossession, auto fraud and other vehicle-related issues, civil cases and litigation I hope you give me an opportunity to be your lawyer.  At the end of the day the key is that persons with legal problems and questions get the help they need.  Best of the best in your search…….


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