PURGE! Here’s How…

food and fitnessA moment on the “life” side of Law and Life……….We are now into the second month of a new year. I know some of you made resolutions or other goals relating to health and fitness and I hope you are well on your way to your desired destinations. I applaud all of you who are hard at work. Life is a constant journey and we should all be constantly improving ourselves so as to live life to the fullest. In line with the concept of living life to the fullest, I will share my five-step approach to changing your food and beverage habits, hopefully for life.

P= Peruse your refrigerator, counters, cabinets, pantry and other places you store food and drink at your home. Make notes as to which items are not conducive to your fitness goals and thus should not be replaced…..at least for now.

U=Use up the food and beverage you have. Eat and drink the things you found in Step “P” above. Go ahead and enjoy it. It may be a while before you have these items again.  However, do not feel compelled to stuff yourself silly just for the sake of getting rid of these items. It’s OK to give away or throw away some of these items. The key is to get rid of them so you can start from scratch.

R=Revamp your usual shopping list and review your food choices. Choose fresh foods (fruits, veggies) over processed (canned, boxed, packaged, frozen). Opt for water and skim or low-fat milk over juices, coffee, and carbonated beverages. Ditch the alcohol.  Limit the candy, cookies, cakes and other empty, sugar-laden carbohydrates. For breakfast foods, dump the boxed cereals and opt for oatmeal in the box but not oatmeal in the packets. Do not buy flour, sugar, or salt. Flour you do not need. Sugar and salt are all around us in other foods that we consume. Substitute whole grain rice and bread for the usual white rice and bread. Replace ground beef and pork with lean but not frozen chicken and fish. Bag the bagged chips and opt for popcorn or nuts. Believe it or not, there are many foods that are good for you that taste good too.

G=Go to the store. With your revamped shopping list you will have to get used to passing some of your old friends on the store shelves and aisle displays. Wave to them and keep on going. Better food and health is around the corner, literally and figuratively. Stick to your revamped list. Your body will thank you.

E=Eat and drink healthier and exercise. As you adjust to eating better and exercising regularly you will get more restful sleep, have more energy during the day, and generally feel better. Eat at least 4 small meals per day and drink plenty of water—at least 64 ounces per day. You can have some of your old favorites but for the first 30-45 days of your program, try to relegate the not-as-nutritious foods to the weekend or only once per week. If you stick with your new food and exercise program, your body will develop a preference for good food and kick out the not-so-good. 

PURGE for at least 60 days and see if it works. What do you have to lose? Perhaps a few pounds and some stress. Who knows…you may even realize what you’ve been missing all this time.

NOTEThe information in this post is not intended to serve as nutritional, medical, or health-related advice.  Before commencing any new nutrition or exercise plan you should consult a qualified professional in the relevant field for information and advice tailored to your personal situation.




  1. Jaimie Foster

    Dear John, I always enjoy reading your blog posts, but I thought this one was exceptionally good! Thanks for the good advice and for always encouraging us to be our best. I appreciate it. Hope all is well with you! Take care, Jaimie



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