Free Stuff! Free Stuff!

We have all heard the following expressions:  “the best things in life are free” and “nothing in life is free”.  The question is which of these expressions is true or at least truer.  My answer is that the truth lies in between.  There are several things in life that are free (although a common joke about all air being free is no longer true–click here to see why and where) but all of them are not necessarily the best of the best.  However here are some freebies that you can use and that may truly help you avoid spending time, money, and sheer frustration…

Free legal assistance from Legal Aid of North Carolina and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont (covers Charlotte metropolitan area and west-central NC)–NOTE:  Eligibility required for assistance

Free guide to Small Claims Court in North Carolina

Free North Carolina court forms

Free access to North Carolina laws

O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center—many resources and links to other!  Free Stuff indeed

Free RSS feed for O’Neal Law Office Law and Life Blog

Free subscription to O’Neal Law Office Law and Life Blog (if you are not already subscribed, do so today!)

Free consultation with Attorney John O’Neal  (click here to determine what types of cases)

And for some life-related freebies click herehere, here, and here for some of the best.  

Share the wealth [of information]…….pass this Blog post to your family, friends, and associates.  You never know who may need the free information and resources. 

All the best to you and yours….in law and life!


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