Welcome Again to the New Year: “Life” Side (Blended with “Law”)

Hello again….did you make any New Year’s resolutions?  If so, how are those working out for you?  I encourage you to stick with your desire to improve and make the pursuit a life-long journey. 

Some resolutions are easier to keep than others.  Promising drastic changes can often lead to a feeling of frustration if the change does not come when or how it is desired.  A better strategy is to set reasonable mile markers toward realistic goals.
Here I offer you some resolutions that you can manage and that should change your life for the better.  You will note the resolution suggestions cover areas of the law and areas of your life.  Feel free to expand on these to make further improvement… 
  • Write down at least three goals or projects you want to accomplish for the year and take time to map out the detailsresolutions_2012
  • Make at least six random phone calls or visits to family members and/or friends with whom you have not spoken in some time

These should be plenty to get you started.  Apply these and share them with family, friends, and associates.  Happy New Year again…now let’s get to work!


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