Welcome to the New Year: The “Law Side”

I hope you had a good holiday season and your 2013 is off to a great start.  So many people are working on self-improvement in areas such as fitness, faith, family issues, finances, and career.  I applaud all of you who are striving to become better and more new year 2013fulfilled and I encourage all of you to make this your best year ever.  Life sends us challenges and setbacks but the key is responding and moving forward.  You can do it!

On the “Law” side, the new year has brought several new North Carolina laws including an expansion of the “Castle Doctrine” (a/k/a Stand Your Ground Law) and even tougher DWI laws.  And if you missed it, December 1 saw other new laws take effect including prohibiting students from bullying teachers on social media and expanding the ability to have criminal records expunged.  Former Governor Beverly Perdue appointed four new justices to the state’s appellate courts and promoted one Justice from the North Carolina Court of Appeals to the North Carolina Supreme Court.  And a [New Bern] high school classmate of mine, W. David McFadyen, III, was sworn in to his elected position as a District Court Judge for Judicial District 3B which covers my home county of Craven…..also home of the 2012 NCHSAA 4-A football champions:  The New Bern Bears!

At the O’Neal Law Office I am handling several interesting cases:

a lawsuit against a local used vehicle dealership which (1) failed to disclose a vehicle’s salvage title to a consumer, (2) conducted business after having its corporate charter had been suspended by the North Carolina Secretary of State, and (3) repossessed a vehicle in spite of failing to produce a copy of any valid finance agreement signed by the consumer;

a wrongful death lawsuit in which a recent college graduate was killed when his small vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial truck vehicle on a rural highway at high speed;

defense of a woman being held financially responsible for a commercial debt which she did not incur.

Next time we will look at a few highlights on the “Life Side” of the New Year.  Until then thanks again for your support and be sure to share this blog with your family and friends.. 




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