Holiday Briefing: Thank You is In Order

Christmas is three days away and the year ends in less than 10 days.  Regardless of which holidays you celebrate or whether you celebrate none at all I wish you all the best.  Thank you for your ongoing support as the O’Neal Law Office prepares to enter its eighth year in business.  I have been fortunate enough to represent persons across North Carolina and outside of North Carolina in a variety of different matters including personal injury, wrongful death, civil cases and litigation, auto fraud, vehicle issues, debt collection defense, consumer law issues, and even traffic tickets.  I invite you to take a few moments to review my areas of practice and client results and wreathremember that I remain available to serve you, your family, and friends if the need should arise. 

Sincerely, I hope you have no situations, transactions, or issues that require my assistance but if the need should arise feel free to contact me for a free consultation.  And during some of your downtime over the next couple of weeks take a few moments to visit my Free Information Center which has a plethora of pamphlets and resources designed to give you the knowledge to navigate your day-to-day matters with a higher sense of confidence.

I plan to spend the next few days visiting with family and friends and retooling various aspects of my practice for the upcoming year. Many, many thanks again and I wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.  See you in 2013.


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