My Gift(s)….To Those Looking to Buy a Used Vehicle

We are in the midst of holiday season and there is much activity around.  A sizeable portion of this activity centers around purchasing electronics, clothes, toys, and other items capable of being boxed and bowed for December 25th.  Then there are those who are in the market for a vehicle—either by choice or necessity.  With new vehicle prices trending upward some people decide a used vehicle is a better value.  For those of you who are contemplating purchasing a used vehicle I am providing you with some resources designed to empower you in your decision-making. 

Pry (about the vehicle) before you buy

Clear your mind of some common myths

Follow a few basic rules before and during the deal negotiation

Know the difference between a warranty and a vehicle service contract

Get all promises in writing   (“Trust me” is not good enough)

Beware and prepare for “yo-yo” scams and or conditional delivery issues

For further resources visit the “Cars and Vehicles” section of the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center.

And be kind to others:  feel free to forward this Blog post to family, friends, and others whom you think may benefit from reading the same.  And if you or someone you know has questions about a vehicle purchase do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes and happy holidays.




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