Election is Over: Now What?

The much-ballyhooed general election is now over.  On Tuesday, November 6th, Americans turned out in record numbers to vote for their candidates and issues.  Hopefully you participated and let your voice be heard.  All of the polls have closed and most of the ballots have been counted though there still remain some races too close to call or headed for a runoff.  So after the months of build-up and tension and election night activity what comes next? 

The same energy exerted by voters, advocates, campaign workers, lobbyists, and other political advocates must be applied to the business of improving our country.  President Obama cannot even begin to fix the nation’s problems by his lonesome.  There must be discussion and cooperation amongst members of the United States legislature.  Not to mention some issues can only be addressed at the state and local levels.  An old saying in politics is “all politics are local”.  This suggests we should pay just as much—if not more—attention to the political and social issues in our hometowns and backyards as we do the Presidential and Congressional races.  Learn a bit more about your local government and judicial system.

The American economy is in rebuilding mode and unfortunately it appears there is a steady supply of people seeking to do bad things to get your money.  Scams, undue pressure, fradulent representations, and unethical business practices are just a few of the evils that lurk in the consumer marketplace.  It pays to do your homework before deciding on a contractor or choosing a vehicle or even selecting a lawyer.  The government and courts exist to aid in the prevention and redress of legal violations but many times some aforethought and common sense can provide the greatest protection.   For materials and resources designed to help consumers visit the O’Neal Law Office Free Information Center.  And feel free to share the materials with persons who you believe may benefit therefrom.  If your situation merits deeper review contact me, Attorney John O’Neal, for a free consultation.


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