Be at The G: UNCG Homecoming 2012

Aaaahh the college days……..when life seemed so much simpler.   Pressing concerns of the day were often what class to take to fulfill that dreaded business requirement or whether to take Spring Break in Cancun or New York.  Friendships were cultivated often lasting for years beyond graduation and there was the hope of gaining a solid sense of direction for life after college.

As many of you already know I am a proud UNCG Spartan.  UNCG provided me with so many resources, relationships, and opportunities helping me to become the person I am today.  Even now I am still connected to my alma mater and share my time and resources to help further the University’s motto of “service” and give back to the institution that has given me so much.  The excellent educational foundation I received at “the G” gave me substance, structure, and sustenance needed to complete law school, pass the North Carolina Bar Exam, and become a proudly licensed North Carolina attorney.  I take my position quite seriously and every day I seek to help the citizens, injured persons, policyholders, and consumers of this great state.

Homecoming at UNCG runs from October 29th through November 4th.  There will be a cornucopia of events for all ages and interests.  I invite all alumni to return to campus and see what’s going on at “the G” now.  And friends of the University and members of the community are encouraged to partake in the reflection, revelry, and rejuvenation known as UNCG Homecoming.  And note that UNCG is planning a Neo-Black Society Alumni Reunion to commemorate the student organization’s 45th anniversary during Homecoming 2013.

There are numerous stories of inspiration and greatness among UNCG students, faculty, staff, and graduates.  To Dr. Griffiths, Dr. Crowther, Dr. Beale, Dr. Carroll, and the many others who taught and helped me so much I say “many, many thanks”.  To Laure, Linda, Melissa, Mary, John, Brian, Donegan, and the amazing Alumni Association and Development staff and other campus officials who work so hard to continue pushing my alma mater to new heights I say “you are greatly appreciated”.  And I definitely do not want to forget to thank our amazing Chancellor, Dr. Linda P. Brady.  And to all I say GO SPARTANS!


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  1. Jeff

    Go Spartans!

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