Tackling That Traffic Ticket

Q: How can I handle my traffic ticket so that it does not have a negative effect on my driver’s license and my insurance rate?

A: As with so many things related to the law, it depends.  You should never just pay a ticket because by doing so you are pleading guilty to the offense with which you are charged.  In most cases an attorney can obtain a reduction (and with some cases, even a dismissal) of the ticket which could prevent driver’s license points and an increase in your insurance rate.  North Carolina has 100 counties and each county has a District Attorney’s office that handles the prosecution and disposition of traffic tickets.  The policies and procedures for handling traffic tickets can vary greatly from county to county.  Some counties allow you to attend a defensive driving course in exchange for a favorable resolution of the ticket while others may only require you to provide a copy of your driver’s license record.  But these accommodations may not be allowed for certain traffic offenses and do you know what to propose as a beneficial resolution of your ticket?  Note the District Attorney’s office and the Clerk of Court are prohibited from giving you legal advice as to how to handle your ticket.  Misinformation or bad advice such as “just get a prayer for judgment” or “just pay that out-of-state traffic ticket since it will not affect your NC driver’s license” has cost many people money and, on some occasions, their privilege to drive.

After you receive a traffic ticket your mailbox may be flooded with letters and offers from attorneys who seek to handle your case. However, it is important to hire an attorney you know and can trust.  I have heard tales of clients who pay a lawyer to handle a traffic ticket and then find out the lawyer failed to go to court or otherwise handle the ticket leading to the issuance of an order for arrest or even the suspension of the client’s driver’s license.  Attorney John O’Neal provides feedback to EVERY traffic ticket client at the conclusion of the case.  If you receive a ticket in Guilford, Randolph, or Forsyth Counties, contact the O’Neal Law Office for personal attention and professional results in getting the matter resolved.





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