Things I Don’t Like: The Remix

I have been practicing law for over 15 years and I am constantly amazed at the effort people put into taking advantage of others.  Whether it be a vehicle purchase or an automobile accident claim or a contract dispute, there seems to be no end to the shennanigans used to cheat people out of their money, property, rights, or other things of value.  As one of the few consumer protection lawyers for many miles around, my Greensboro office has files and notes and documents evidencing some things said and done by businesses and some persons that would defy all bounds of decency.  

Borrowing the title of a popular song by rap artists Chief Keef and Jadakiss here are just a few of the things I don’t like:

  • Vehicle dealerships who do not provide copies of vital documents (ex: disclosure statements, finance agreements, warranty agreements, Buyer’s Guides) to persons who purchase vehicles
  • Debt collectors who send letters without advising debtors of their right to seek validation/verification of a debt (often because they lack proof of the right to collect a valid debt)
  • Insurance adjusters who low-ball injured persons and discount their claims for irrelevant and often questionable reasons
  • Used car salespersons who make great claims about the condition of a vehicle and even make promises of repairs made or to be made but fail to put any of these things in writing at the time of the sale…….and sell the vehicle in “as is” condition
  • Contractors who demand substantial payment before completion of construction work and then do shoddy work, leave unfinished work, or otherwise breach the construction agreement 
  • Attorneys who needlessly prolong litigation and hide important documents
  • Insurance adjusters who base diminished value payments on a percentage of the cost to repair the vehicle
  • Debt collectors and attorneys who aggressively pursue collection on a questionable or invalid debt where the debtor is not represented by an attorney
  • Businesses and insurance companies that clearly misstate the terms and conditions of a contract when discussing the contract with a consumer
  • Businesses that take advantage of military personnel and their families
  • “Debt settlement companies” that take debtors’ money and fail to provide meaningful services thereby causing  damage to the debtors’ credit ratings and sometimes subjecting them to lawsuits and judgments

To protect yourself do your homework and seek resources and information before you complete that transaction or make that decision.  If you find yourself experiencing one of the above things I don’t like or anything else that you believe violates your rights as a consumer, insurance policyholder, debtor, or injured person do not hesitate to call me for a free consultation.



  1. Monique Bridgeman

    Those are things I don’t like either 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jeff

    Banks that leverage the foreclosure and loan modification process to make ridiculous profits during a catastrophic economy for most consumers….

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