Coming Soon: More Consumer Lawyers?

Times have been challenging for many people lately.  The economy and real estate markets are trying to bounce back while some people have run out of unemployment compensation while diligently searching for jobs.  And in the midst of all this the bills keep coming.  Need some good news?

Those of you in the Raleigh-Durham area may be direct beneficiaries of a new program recently established at my alma mater, the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law.  The law school has created a Consumer Financial Transactions Clinic which has supervised third-year law students representing people in consumer cases such as foreclosure, unfair debt collection practices related to credit card accounts, predatory lending, and check-cashing services.

The Clinic is currently formulating plans for sources of referrals and I will post later with any information I obtain in this regard.  In the meantime congratulations to UNC Law for again taking a step in the right direction toward protecting people’s rights.  Hopefully students will learn much and be encouraged to obtain their law licenses and help represent the many consumers who need protection from unscrupulous businesses and financial institutions.  The need is definitely there. 

Best of the best to the Clinic, the faculty, students, and all staff who are participating in this new effort to even the playing field for North Carolina consumers.



  1. Jeff

    Interesting… though, as you know, John, many of the types of cases described in your article last longer than two semesters. I wonder what they will do with the cases that drag on after the 3L has graduated?

    • Not sure on that one, Jeff. Interesting question. Thanks for reading the Blog and for being a dedicated, cutting-edge public interest lawyer! Go Heels!

  2. Vanessa

    It’s good to see surrounding law schools do their part to help our community. Opportunities to participate in clinics are just starting to open up for 2L students here at NCCU Law and I can’t wait to get the practical experience, especially because the need is so great.

    Very informative blog by the way!

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