Vehicle Law: A to Z

Do I have to take my vehicle back to the dealer yet again for that awful noise?  Isn’t the repair shop required to give me an estimate of repairs?  Did the seller of this vehicle violate the law when she failed to tell me about the vehicle’s transmission problems?   Can the dealer repossess my vehicle when we had a verbal agreement that I could make my payment just a few days after the due date?

When answering questions and making decisions regarding vehicle issues too often people rely on well-intentioned but unreliable information from family and friends. Another impediment to good decision-making is the inability to find credible and relevant resources.  In the continuing effort to educate North Carolina consumers I have prepared a brief guide of some key legal terms and concepts related to vehicle issues.  I hope this guide answers some questions and encourages people to become better-educated consumers.  Share the guide with people you know who may benefit from the information.   And feel free to contact me if I can be of service.  Best wishes….


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