A Brief Chat…Can I Help You?

In my 15+ years I have seen more than my share of bad situations.  I have seen horrible vehicle collisions and how they can change lives in an instant.  I have helped clients who suffered permanent work-related injuries and though I no longer actively handle workers’ compensation cases I have a tremendous respect for those attorneys who do.  I have seen how some companies and corporations will sacrifice lives, health, and safety in exchange for enhanced profits.  I have helped individuals and some small businesses navigate the oft-confusing legal system and obtain positive results.

In my current practice I routinely represent people who are victimized by bad vehicles.  The vehicles take their time, money, energy, and patience.  Recurring repairs, discovery of serious undisclosed damage, and title discrepancies are but a few of the many scenarios I am confronted with and challenged with determining whether and how I can help a consumer.  To be fair, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a car dealer (or any other business, for that matter) earning a profit by selling a consumer good.  So long as the applicable rules are followed and the transaction is handled fairly it is fine by me.  And there are quite a few times when I have to inform prospective clients that the dealer or manufacturer or repair shop or other business has indeed complied with the law and I am unable to undertake representation

But when the law is violated and the consumer suffers damage there is a need for action.  The number of attorneys in North Carolina who handle vehicle-related litigation is far too small and I am contacted by people from Asheville to Manteo to Wilmington to Charlotte to Fayetteville and many, many places in between.  Geographically and time-wise it is impossible for any attorney to represent every prospective client who contacts him or her for advice or assistance.  However the goal should be to provide quality service and results for clients the attorney chooses to represent and also provide public education in the process.  Arming consumers with information and resources can often prevent bad things from ever happening.

I am proud to have helped hundreds of persons across North Carolina and several other states with various legal matters such as personal injury, problems with debt collectors, unemployment hearing representation, vehicle title issues, traffic tickets, and even construction defects.  I strive to provide personal attention and professional results.  Do you think you need a lawyer?  If so, contact me.  I am Attorney John O’Neal of the O’Neal Law Office and I look forward to your call or e-mail so we can discuss your situation.


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