Help Yourself and Get Some (Legal) Help

Life happens daily and we find ourselves in situations where action is needed.  Sometimes—and unfortunately—-the action required is of the legal variety.  It is advisable to consult an attorney at the outset to obtain a clear understanding of the issues involved in your legal situation and how best to proceed.  People often damage their cases or harm their chances of success by trying to handle a complex matter on their own. 

However if you have decided to handle your legal situation on your own there are resources available to help you.  To research relevant laws and cases you should visit the reference section of your local public library or your local law library (usually found in the courthouse).  For cases in North Carolina state courts you can visit the court system’s website to obtain forms, check court calendars, review local rules for different counties (which is important since some counties have additional or different forms or documents which may be needed in your case), verify the amount of filing fees and court costs, and obtain other helpful information.  You can also use the Internet to find free legal information for low-income North Carolinians and a free guide to Small Claims Court in North Carolina.  The North Carolina Advocates for Justice and the North Carolina Bar Association each has online materials designed to educate individuals about their legal rights and remedies. The American Bar Association has an online guide to statewide self-help legal resources.  And the O’Neal Law Office has a collection of helpful guides, materials, and Weblinks at the Free Information Center.

So take some time and do your homework before you make your first move.  It could save you time and money.  If you desire a free consultation about your legal situation contact Attorney John O’Neal of the O’Neal Law Office.


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