Are You Missing Money?

Most of us could use some extra money.  A vacation, open a savings account or other investment, pay some bills….the possibilities are endless (depending, of course, on the amount).  Every state has a government agency responsibile for keeping money and property that was never returned to its rightful owner.  Examples of property that may be held by the government are security deposits, proceeds from bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, stocks, unclaimed paychecks, and even insurance checks.

Wouldn’t you love to find some money in your name?  Click here to search unclaimed property records from across the United States and click here to search for unclaimed property being held by the State of North Carolina.  Forward this blog post to your family and friends.  NOTE:  you do not have to pay to search or retrieve unclaimed property being held by a state government.  If you are redirected or somehow arrive at a website where you would be charged for searching or claiming your property beware!  While it is legal for an individual or company to charge a reasonable fee for doing the work, you should do it yourself and get all of your property/money.

So go forth and search!  Find the money now, spend it (and save some soon, and thank me later…….Happy hunting!


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