Lemonade Anyone? Can Your Lemon Be Sweetened?

Ahh……..as summer quickly approaches we thirst for the flavor of fresh fruits such as berries, watermelon, citrus fruits but what about lemons?  Lemons are sour and usually must be sweetened to be palatable.  Moving from your palate to your wallet, a lemon can be a very costly and frustrating thing. 

In legal parlance the word “lemon” has a specific meaning.  “Lemon” typically refers to a new vehicle which poses continued and/or significant problems such that the owner would have a legal right to seek either a replacement vehicle or refund of most money paid.  However the term “lemon” is commonly used by people to refer to any vehicle which gives the owner headaches.  In other words, “lemon” has come to be used in a far broader sense than was probably originally intended. 

Every state has a lemon law statute which protects the owner of a vehicle purchased new but very few states have lemon law statutes protecting those who purchase used vehicles.  North Carolina has a lemon law statute covering new vehicles but no statute specifically covering used vehicles.  In the absence of a used vehicle lemon law statute one must look to several different sources of law and authority to determine one’s rights and remedies.  There is a limited number of attorneys who handle lemon law and vehicle law cases on a regular basis and can (and will) offer the expertise needed to navigate the maze of laws that may apply.  If your vehicle has become a money pit or is otherwise sour contact Attorney John O’Neal of the O’Neal Law Office for a free consultation to see if you can sweeten that lemon.   Bottoms up! (we hope)…….. 



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