Contract Matters: Are You Covered?

Contracts are important legal agreements that allow us to conduct business in an orderly and reliable manner. Our legal system allows and encourages people to create contracts to govern their personal and business affairs. The riskier the situation, the more important it is to create a binding contract. Whether a client runs a business, wants to enter into an agreement to loan or borrow money, or needs specific work performed, parties to the agreement benefit from a properly drafted contract in the event something goes awry. Consider these questions:

What happens if the other party fails to perform their contract duties?

Can you force the other party to perform the contract?   business_meeting

  What are your rights if the item you purchased does not work or is somehow defective?

  How much protection does your warranty provide?

  Are you covered by the UCC? What is the UCC?

  How long do you have to file a claim and when does the clock start ticking?

Do you have the documentation needed to prove your claim?

What do you have to do to mitigate or reduce your damages?

What happens if a situation arises that is not covered in your contract?

Whether it is a car purchase, apartment lease, home repairs, fitness club membership, or other agreement it is important to ensure you receive the full benefit of your bargain and the appropriate protection under the law. When you enter into a consumer or business transaction without having a good contract that protects you, you are risking losses and ruin. Do not leave these issues to chance. Protect yourself.  Speak with a lawyer.   

Click here to view cases handled by Attorney John O’Neal

 Contact the O’Neal Law Office today for your complimentary consultation concerning the following:

♦ Money owed/debt collection issues 

♦ Breach of contract

♦ Real estate dispute law books

♦ Business torts (ex:  interference with contract, breach of confidentiality, slander/libel) 

♦ Consumer issues (ex:  company refuses to service a product covered under warranty) 

♦ Contract disputes with a business

Talk with an attorney before drafting and signing a contract, such as a service contract or vendor agreement with a small business. The O’Neal Law Office also assists independent contractors and employees in collecting unpaid wages for services performed.  If you have a business or contract situation you need reviewed or handled, contact the O’Neal Law Office.


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