Yo-Yo Sales: Are You on the String?

 The following scenario is all too common across America:  consumer goes to dealership and selects vehicle…consumer and dealer reach a deal on the vehicle price…consumer and dealer sign documents which purportedly seal the deal…dealer tells consumer the deal is done and delivers the vehicle to the consumer with 30-day or temporary license plate…later dealer calls consumer and tells consumer there is a problem with the financing or that there is something else the consumer needs to do…consumer questions why she must return to the dealership if the deal was already done and dealer demands consumer do what is asked or turn in the vehicle..oh and you may even forfeit the down payment.  

In North Carolina the law is cloudy on whether and when the consumer must comply with the dealer’s demands.  One statute seems to state a dealer is not to deliver a vehicle to a customer unless the deal is final but…another statute allows a dealer to sell a vehicle on conditional delivery.  So what is a consumer to do?  Clearly the answer is NOT to automatically bounce back just because the dealer pulls the proverbial yo-yo string .  Conditional delivery a/k/a yo-yo sales cases are very fact-specific and consumers should not test the waters alone.  Instead the consumer should consult an experienced consumer law attorney to discuss the situation and determine what rights, if any, the consumer may have to hold onto the vehicle and affirm the deal that was signed.  If you believe you are being strung along like a yo-yo on your vehicle purchase contact Attorney John O’Neal for a free consultation to discuss your situation.


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