Get Help Defending Against Debt Collectors!

Debt comes in many forms: credit cards, charge cards, medical bills, consumer loans, accounts receivable, etc.  Unfortunately, circumstances often occur that lead to the account holder being unable to continue to make the required payments on the account. If you find yourself in this situation, you may feel embarassed, pressured, threatened, isolated, or more.

Across the United States, there are companies and investment groups (typically referred to as debt buyers) that routinely purchase delinquent and “past due” accounts and seek to recovery the money. They may send threatening letters or place phone calls to you and, eventually, have their lawyer sue you to collect on the account. In today’s challenging economy, companies and creditors are becoming more aggressive in their efforts to collect on debts—-valid and invalid.  

A disturbing trend is that of “zombie debt” cases in which creditors pursue cases where the debt is several years old and sometimes even barred by the applicable statute of limitations. Even worse is the situation where a consumer is contacted and sometimes sued on a debt that she never incurred.  The “documentation” provided by the creditor or collector may be forged and on paper it makes a compelling case that the consumer is responsible for the debt. But there are certain standards and burdens of proof that the creditor or collector must meet and you must know how to assert these as well as how to prepare your own response/defense.  Many consumers mistakenly believe it is sufficient to send a witnessed or notarized letter to the creditor or collector stating the consumer does not owe the debt.  Unfortunately this is rarely enough to stop the madness. Unless you receive some written, signed confirmation from the creditor or collector stating they are no longer holding you responsible for the debt you should assume that you need experienced legal help in resolving the situation. The good news is that, depending on the facts and circumstances, you may be able to have the matter resolved in your favor AND recover money from the creditor or collector.

Many people believe that contacting the state Attorney General’s office will lead to a resolution of the matter. However, the Attorney General’s office does not represent individuals in debt collection defense matters or other consumer protection issues. You should contact an experienced consumer protection attorney such Attorney John O’Neal so you can receive the personal attention you deserve.

There are federal and state laws that protect your rights and establish rules for how debt collectors can contact you and deal with you regarding your debts. The O’Neal Law Office represents individuals who have been sued by debt collectors. Contact Attorney John O’Neal for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.




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